Microbiology & GMP Training

The out come of any task primarily depends upon how good your tools are? Whether you are creating the simplest thing of the world to the most complicated and sophisticated piece of equipment space shuttle where percent of error is ZERO. In many industries, robots have taken place of human but robot himself required human to be built.

If you having a state-of-the- art manufacturing facility with all sophisticated equipment & utilities but these are useless if you do not have correct tools. In pharmaceutical & FMCG industry, the most valuable tools are your human resources.
Any nature of job requires correct human tools, either doing the most complicated step of processing in manufacturing area, or performing sensitive analysis on HPLC/GC or at the entrance to check every delivery going in and out from the facility. It is human nature that requires regular reminder to refresh memories, update knowledge and implement new concept.

Development and training of human resources is the valuable assets of any company. Management shall create an environment where people feel that they are the part of the company by providing them regular on job training, current knowledge and new concept about their jobs so that they can perform better in ever changing world. As a policy, many multinational companies are spending handsome portion of their income on human resource development.
We offer different training sessions that include the following but are not limited. We can develop training materials as per your specific condition and requirements.

Prominent Training Sessions includes:

  • Good Documentations
  • Good Laboratory Practices GLP
  • Good Warehouse Practices GWH P
  • Good Manufacturing Practices GMP
  • Technical Audits Techniques
  • Validation of area, equipment, method and processes
  • Cleaning Validation
  • Microbiologist for industries
  • Microbiological Techniques
  • Aseptic Techniques for production technicians
  • Microbiological Sampling
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Sterility Testing
  • Bio-Assay
  • LAL test
  • Disposal of Microbiological Wastes
  • Safe Recycling of Wastes
  • Disposal of Wastes
  • Limitations of calculations.
  • Customer Tailored Training courses and presentations

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