The development of modern and efficient pharmaceutical sector based on leading international regulatory requirements that provide impetus for high degree of compliance to enable national entrepreneur to penetrate in international pharma market and foster good job opportunity in the country


To provide efficient cost effective technical services in compliance with international regulatory requirements and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), for the development of Pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan and facilitate them to compete in international market


Keeping confidentiality of individual customer,
Create harmony between international and national client about regulatory compliance
Provide transparent services
Enhance confidence level of international client
Facilitate national client to comply with regulation to promote their business in international arena
To provide on time services to all our client
To improve soft image of the country in Pharma sector

GMP Compliance

We provide you professional review of your existing Quality systems right from review, develop action plan and implement with your team. If you are developing your company, then we are the right choice to develop your complete Quality systems as per MOH requirements and cGMP guidelines of any leading regulatory agencies. Such As FDA, Health Canada, MHRA, TGA
  • GMP Systems
  • Gap analysis
  • Documentations system
  • Self-inspection
  • Environmental monitory
  • Validation Master Plan
  • Validation Protocols

Microbiology Services

Quality SolutionZ can provide customized microbiology workshops in all areas including microbial load assessment of materials, Bio-Assay, Sterility testing, Isolation & Identification of organisms, Environmental Monitoring, sampling and culture techniques, basic laboratory safety, anaerobic growth techniques, or any specific protocol or requirement.


  • Microbiology Lab Development & Enhancement
  • Microbiology method development & validation
  • Microbiology Monitoring
  • Microbiology assessment of facility
  • Microbiology waste disposal

QA / QC Lab Design

Quality Control lab is a heart of the company. Smooth operation requires proper development and implementation of systems within QA/QC lab. These system starts right from the moment QA/QC lab receive a sample and ends when it’s retain sample and archived documents expired and disposed-off.

  • QA/QC lab development
  • QA/QC lab Systems
  • QA/QC lab auditing

Microbiology & GMP Training

If you having a state-of-the- art manufacturing facility with all sophisticated equipment & utilities but these are useless if you do not have correct tools. In pharmaceutical & FMCG industry, the most valuable tools are your human resources.

  • Microbiologist Training
  • GMP training
  • Validation of Area and Equipment
  • Technical Audits Techniques

Facility Design

The whole concept of operation of manufacturing industry especially the pharmaceutical industry has been drastically evolved in a last decade or so due to the exponential development of computer technology and its use in manufacturing technologies


  • Facility lay out
  • Laboratory lay outs
  • Enhancement of existing facility
  • Feasibility Reports

Audits Services

(Audits, Feasibility, Costing, Lean Sigma, Safety)

Have you audited your manufacturers of raw materials, packaging materials, suppliers and finish products to ensure they manufacture to cGMP?
Do you have the skills / experience to certify your suppliers to the required standards?


  • Factory assessment & quality system evaluation
  • General Auditing Services
  • Inspection sampling
  • Product Costing and feasibility
  • Lean Sigma Projects (Cost Saving)
  • Recruitment of staff for QC/QA Staff.

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