Facility Design

The whole concept of operation of manufacturing industry especially the pharmaceutical industry has been drastically evolved in a last decade or so due to the exponential development of computer technology and its use in manufacturing technologies. Now a day, each manufacturing equipment come with complete controls through computer software which give you unlimited option and better controls of all your manufacturing parameters with complete traceability records. This results in better quality, more productivity, less wastages, minimized resources and above all, assurance of Consistent Quality Product. Frequent advancement in manufacturing technologies trigger the frequent changes in the manufacturing concepts and now in each industry, management are working to adopt modern concept and trying to enhance their facilities to follow cGMP guidelines.

Are you planning to set up a manufacturing unit or would like to upgrade your facility or particular section on current most modern concept then Quality SolutionZ is the right place. We are geared to deliver the best and offer full service. Start from basic conceptual design to complete engineering drawings and tender documents. 


Our Salient Design Specialties are:-

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility
  • FMCG manufacturing Facility
  • Area Lay out design
  • Project design and feasibility Report
  • Quality Control lab design and development
  • Waters System
  • Waste Water Treatment System
  • Strengthening of any one of above. Specialist Assessment / Improvement Services for the all kind of Industry

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