Audits Services (Audits, Feasibility, Costing, Lean Sigma, Safety)

General Auditing Services:

Have you audited your manufacturers of raw materials, packaging materials, suppliers and finish products to ensure they manufacture to cGMP?
Do you have the skills / experience to certify your suppliers to the required standards?

  • Audits conducted of your supplier’s premises, processes, systems and procedures
  • your supplier audited to your requirements
  • Raw materials, Packaging Materials, Contracted intermediates, Finished Products
  • Audits conducted through out Pakistan
  • Supplier auditing and improvement for cGMP compliance, QA/GMP Systems Assessment
  • Safety audits for lab and manufacturing plants

Complete service – from first contact to report and follow up

Factory assessment & quality system evaluation

verify the capability of supplier to meet client's required contract condition and access the supplier's quality system up to client's requirements.

Inspection sampling

Provide independent and integrated inspection and quality assurance for importers for imports and buyers, substantiating the pre-specified condition before shipment and minimizing risk of rejected shipment upon arriving destination ports.

Inspection Services

Initial Production Check

Check on the quality of component, materials, and finished products against client' specification and type samples when 10% of the order has been produced. Permit timely corrections and improvements.

During Production Check

Evaluate the average product quality when at least 30-50% of the order has been completed.
Verify if the corrective actions suggested during initial inspection check are implemented.

Final Random Inspection

A detail visual inspection on randomly selected finished products to ensure quality, quantity size / dimension, color and packaging conform to specifications and type samples. On site test(s) may be taken place when appropriate.
The inspection is carries out when the total consignment is completed and least 80% export packed

Loading Supervision

To ensure that the products /Materials being shipped are those check at the final random inspection. Containers are secured to seals after loading in our supervision to reduce the high risk of product substitution

Project Costing and Feasibility

Success of any project very much depends upon initial home work (Market survey, selection of products, market trends, competitors, costing, project budget and feasibility).  We conduct research the scientific, industrial and popular literature to give you an up-to-date, technically correct and thorough, right from conceptual visualization to full detailed feasibility report.

Product Costing and feasibility

If you are thinking to enlarge your product portfolio, then we are the right people to have on board for product costing and feasibility report. We carry out market survey, review history, research scientific literature and present you feasibility reports that match the future trends and give you cutting edge on your competitors.

Lean Sigma Projects (Cost Saving)  “Save a Penny Earn a Penny”

It is a very famous proverb and it can be true in your facility, particular line, specific process or operation and to a particular product. We are specially trained and on hand practical experience to implement many Lean Sigma project results in immense amount of financial savings.
Lean Sigma is a systematic tools to help you and your supplier to better measure and control operation to realize financial benefit. Such service will provide you with greater assurance to prevent and minimize cost of failure.  We could help you to develop your supplier to provide you with reliable and timely products over longer term.  We will apply different scientific proven tools to give you huge amount of saving with out compromising Quality and Regulatory Requirements.

  • Lean QC Laboratory
  • Lean Documentations
  • Lean Production
  • Lean Warehousing

Please contact us for initial assessment of your particular situation. We are your partner in the journey of continuous improvement.

Technology Assessment

Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, capital investments and any other business deal require the decision-makers to truly understand the market potential of the technology they are dealing with.
QuAlity SolutionZ has the expertise and the experience to assess projects. We conduct research the scientific, industrial and popular literature to give you an up-to-date, technically correct and thorough report on the potential uses of the technology, competing technologies, and relative advantages and disadvantages to each..
Please call us for a confidential assessment of your particular situation


Technical assessment and recruitment of staff for QC laboratory / Quality Assurance.

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